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notes on the debt ceiling shenanigans, January’s regional Fed surveys, & December home sales reports

as we expected, congress has put off dealing with the debt ceiling for 3 months; but they didn’t do it by raising the limit to cover 3 months of spending; instead, because House republicans were unwilling to go on record … Continue reading

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debt ceiling capers, December retail sales, industrial production & housing starts, November LPS mortgage monitor, et al

  even before last week’s letter was emailed, it turns out that the White House had already rejected using the trillion dollar coin gimmick widely discussed last week as a method of keeping the government functioning after the debt ceiling … Continue reading

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the $1T platinum coin scheme, November trade deficit and consumer credit, 2012 record temperatures

while last week was about going over the cliff, the conversation switched this week to hitting the ceiling…while the fiscal metaphors may not seem sequentially appropriate, we are, nonetheless, out of the fiscal frying pan and into the fire…as we … Continue reading

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the so-called Taxpayer Relief Act, December’s unemployment & ISM surveys..

well, since last week, we’ve been over the fiscal cliff and back again…although the Senate passed a compromise bill negotiated by Joe Biden & Mitch McConnell late on Monday to roll back most of the year end tax increases, the … Continue reading

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