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april home sales & durable goods reports, the fiscal cliff, major world PMIs, et al

 the “fiscal cliff”, aka Taxmageddon, which we will face at year end if all the tax cuts & budget constraints as they are now written into law go into effect as scheduled, became a widely reported & discussed topic this … Continue reading

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april retail sales, industrial production, housing reports & other notes on the week ended May 19th

the newscycle in the economic blogosphere this week was fairly dominated by coverage & opinion on two stories, one being the massive losses by the london office of JP Morgan Chase, the other being another crisis flareup in europe, with … Continue reading

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March consumer credit, student loans, & the labor force participation rate..

probably the most interesting report out this past week was that on March consumer credit from the Fed…you might recall we started following this with last november’s report, when after months of modest month over month increases, it suddenly spiked … Continue reading

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US & EU unemployment, ISM PMIs, the march LPS mortgage monitor, et al, week ended may 5th

the employment situation report for April from the BLS compounded the weakness we saw in the March report; for a second successive month, both of the critical employment statistics worsened on a seasonally adjusted basis; the over 16 employment-population ratio … Continue reading

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