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September Case-Shiller Home Price Graphics

year over year change from Robert Oak: Index highs and lows from Bill McBride: inflation adjusted from S&P Case-Shiller:

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adjusting October retail sales with consumer prices; 2 more jobs reports; can the unemployment rate be manipulated? and more..

there were two somewhat important economic reports for October released this week, coincidentally both rescheduled for release at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, retail sales from the commerce department and the consumer price index from the bureau of labor statistics (BLS)….together … Continue reading

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graphics for Nov 23

October retail sales changes: Oct unemployment rate by state: Oct Year over Year Change in Payroll Employment:

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impact of September trade and wholesale inventories on GDP; 3rd quarter household debt; October industrial production

the barrage of economic releases that we had seen over the previous two weeks finally slowed to a more measured pace this week, but the week did see the release of two September reports that weren’t available to the BEA … Continue reading

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NY Fed 3rd Quarter Household Debt and other graphics

total debt composition by quarter: quarterly delinquency status profile: percent 90 days delinquency by type: new delinquencies by loan type”: seriously delinquent debt by type: foreclosures and bankruptcies: per capita debt by state: composition of debt by state: percentage 90 … Continue reading

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two jobs reports for October, 3rd quarter GDP, the September LPS Mortgage Monitor and the MBA 3rd Quarter Delinquency Survey

as is usually the case, the Bureau of Labor Statistics issued two employment reports under the guise of one Employment Situation Summary for October, leading to much confusion among media pundits who have come to think of them as one…the … Continue reading

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September LPS & MBA graphics

monthly delinquencies and foreclosures: non-current by county:   foreclosure inventory by county:   non-current by state table: MBA foreclosures and delinquencies… MBA percentage in foreclosure by state: MBA foreclosure inventory by type over time:

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delayed reports on September retail sales, consumer prices, and industrial production

it’s been a fairly busy week for economic data, with releases this past week and the next for the most part being of reports that were delayed during the shutdown, with a tighter schedule continuing in some cases into December…Monday … Continue reading

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