December retail sales & November LPS graphics

December retail, revised, and the quarter:

December 2013 retail sales

pie graph from Robert Oak at the economic populist:

December 2013 retail pie via robert oak

CPI components pie from doug short:

CPI-categories via d.short

historical foreclosures and delinquencies:

Nov LPS delinquencies and foreclosures monthly

12 month history :

Nov LPS summary stats 2

12 month delinquency summary:

Nov LPS summary stats

non-current mortgages state map:

Nov LPS percentage non current state map

foreclosure starts and sales:

Nov LPS foreclosure starts and sales

home retention actions bar graph:

Nov LPS home retention actions

delinquency at 6 months by quality of loan:

Nov LPS delinquency at 6 months by quality of loan

state non-current mortgage table:

NOv LPS states non-current table

loan counts by delinquency bucket:

Nov LPS loan counts and days delinquent table

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