LPS & MBA mortgage crisis graphics for June 2013

delinquencies and foreclosures by month…

July LPS delinquent and foreclosure by month


new 30 day delinquencies by loan type:

June LPS delinquent by loan type

increase in delinquent by bucket:

June LPS bucket changes

cures by previous bucket:

June LPS monthly cures

new 30 day delinquent percentage increase by state:

June LPS new delinqunecies by state 

June LPS new delin by state 2

FC sales as a percentage of FC inventory: judicial and non judicial

June LPS foreclosure sales judicial vs not

foreclosure inventory percentage history:

June LPS foreclosure inventory judicial vs not

pipeline ratio: months to foreclose at current rate:

June LPS pipeline ratio

change in non-current inventory from peak by state:

June LPS non-current off peak 

non current loan by state table:

June LPS state delinquency table

loan count historical data by bucket:

June LPS loan count data

MBA: percentage of mortgaged homeowners in foreclosure by state:

MBA Q2 2013 foreclosures by state

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