Talking about How Republicans and Tea Party will use Congress to bash Barack Obama | World news | The Guardian



How Republicans and Tea Party will use Congress to bash Barack Obama | World news | The Guardian The Republican party is to use the new Congress, which begins on Wednesday, to mount a guerrilla campaign aimed at destroying Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms, slashing the federal budget and preparing the ground for his defeat in the 2012 White House race. When the Senate and House convene at noon, both will be awash with Republican members elected in November’s crushing victories over the Democrats, many of them backed by the Tea Party movement. In a political shift comparable to the Republican takeover of Congress in 1995 and the Democrats in 2007, the Republicans have a strong platform to harry Obama, having won control of the House and reduced the Democratic majority in the Senate. In a foretaste of what is to come, the godfather of the Tea Party, Senator Jim DeMint, said in an interview with the conservative magazine Human Events that Republicans should prepare for a "showdown" with Obama over spending.

DeMint, who helped channel funds to Tea Party candidates during the elections, is a natural leader of the newly-elected Tea Party senators and other conservatives.

The Republicans, in a nod to the Tea Party, are to make their first major piece of business a symbolic reading in the House of the US constitution on Thursday, their touchstone in the months ahead.

Tea Party activists argue the federal government, especially under Obama, has taken on too many powers and that Washington should be restricted to what was laid out in the constitution.

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