Talking about Seeing the Forest: 9.8%: The Number That The Deficit Commission Left Out



Seeing the Forest: 9.8%: The Number That The Deficit Commission Left Out

9.8%! It’s still all about jobs. It’s still an emergency. And the DC elite still don’t get it — or don’t care. They give us a "deficit commission" not a jobs commission. They’ve got it nice while the rest of us have it not-so-nice. Maybe we should move the Congress out of DC so they can see for themselves what is happening to America. If you visit DC (and don’t go to the “wrong” areas) you see nice buildings, nice stores, nice houses, nice hotels, nice trains, nice cars and lots and lots of nice and very expensive restaurants. You see lots of nice nicely-dressed people walking in a hurry to their nice jobs. Lots of nice jobs. Nice, very expensive houses. Nice cars. Nice life. Nice fantasy.But if you leave DC you see something very, very different. Congress clearly doesn’t see what the rest of us see. If they did, how could they possibly do the things they are doing? There is an absolute emergency going on in the country and Congress refuses to even see it. With 9.8% of us jobless — that is the official rate, not counting the people who have given up or are "under"employed or took pay cuts or whatever — Congress is debating tax cuts for the rich and cutting back on programs for the rest of us. Congress actually did act on jobs last week: with unemployment near 10% they killed unemployment benefits for people out of work more than 26 weeks!

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