Talking about Jobs First! Any Other ‘Deficit Plan’ Sells America Short |



Jobs First! Any Other ‘Deficit Plan’ Sells America Short |

The Citizens’ Commission On Jobs, Deficits And America’s Economic Future is releasing its report today, and its recommendations will be very different from those of the self-described "bipartisan" plans now dominating Washington conversations. (They are bipartisan in a way, come to think of it, since polls show that many of their ideas are disliked by both Democrats and Republicans.)  There is an urgent need to broaden the policy debate. Plans like the Simpson/Bowles and Rivlin/Domenici proposals rely on a narrow range of unpopular policy ideas – ideas that fail to address the causes of either current or projected deficits. What’s more, they fail to recognize that a healthy government budget depends on a healthy economy, and a healthy economy depends on jobs. The Citizens’ Commission’s proposals bring deficit spending under control while investing in a future based on jobs and economic growth.  Don’t believe the naysayers: It can be done.

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